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Breach of NMW results in Argos being named and shamed

Breach of NMW rules has lead to retailer Argos and around 230 other employers being named and shamed: https://www.gov.uk/government/news/record-2-million-back-pay-identified-for-13000-of-the-uks-lowest-paid-workers .

The employers will now have to pay back staff around £2m. They have also been fined a record amount of £1.9m.


Retail, hairdressing and hospitality businesses were among the most prolific offenders.


Common mistakes made by employers included deducting money from pay packets to pay for uniforms, failure to account for overtime hours, and wrongly paying apprentice rates to workers.


Argos was found to have failed to pay £1,461,881.78 to 12,176 of its workers. The breach occurred as employees had been required to attend briefings before their shifts started, but without being paid. They also had to undergo security searches after their shifts ended.


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