Where There Are Assets, There Can Be Trouble


An argument over an estate worth more than £4 million has caused a family rift which looks set to run and run.
The case concerned the assets of a Greek Cypriot woman, who died leaving her and her late husband’s estate largely to their daughter. The High Court heard evidence from the woman’s son that she was ‘under the control’ of the daughter. The son applied to the Court for the woman’s will, created in the three-month period between her husband’s death in 2008 and her own, to be rejected in favour of a will she had made in 1986.
The son claimed that his mother had no knowledge of the contents of the new will.
The claim was rejected by the Court because it found no evidence of ‘undue influence’. An appeal is likely, however.
A separate legal battle over the deceased couple’s assets in Cyprus is also in progress.
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Singellos v Singellos – STEP Journal, 30 September 2010.

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