Allergy Rules Should Be Tightened for Restaurants, Says FSA


The Food Standards Agency (FSA) is urging the government to make it compulsory for restaurants to print allergy information on menus, in a bid to better inform consumers and limit the risk of extreme allergic reactions.

There is currently no legal requirement for businesses to make allergens known to customers in print, although FSA guidance recommends they do this.

In an effort to mobilise the hospitality sector into listing allergens on menus, the FSA now wants written information to be a legal requirement and conversations between staff and customers regarding allergens to be standard practice.

At present, food businesses are required by law to provide allergen information and follow labelling rules. The law says that they must provide allergen information to their customers, handle and manage food allergens effectively in food preparation, and tell customers if any food they provide contains any of the 14 allergens that are required to be declared as allergens by food law.

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