Attorney Pleads Guilty


Scarcely a week goes by without another tale of the abuse of an elderly and vulnerable person being in the press.
Recently, a woman pleaded guilty to extracting £60,000 from her dying mother’s account whilst operating under a power of attorney (POA). The guilty plea was made after the Crown Prosecution Service claimed that the real extent of the theft was more than £100,000.
Giving a person a POA is not a decision to be taken lightly. However, steps can be taken to ensure that such a power is difficult to abuse and having a POA can make dealing with a person’s affairs much easier if they become incapable of dealing with them.
Some attorneys believe, wrongly, that the funds over which they have the power are ‘theirs’ and they can do as they like with them. This can lead to unintended difficulties with other family members.
We can advise you on all aspects of powers of attorney and your rights and responsibilities if you are appointed someone’s attorney.

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