Better Flood Protection for Thousands of Homes


The Environment Agency has announced plans to improve flood protection after receiving nearly £100 million of central government funding for 2010/2011. After the 2007 floods, which cost businesses, homeowners and the emergency services £3.2 billion, the Government is continuing investment to prevent water damage. The investment will be used to build new river and tidal flood defences while maintaining existing ones, to develop technology for flood forecasting and to increase public awareness of the risks associated with floods.

The areas that will benefit from the funding include: Crawley and Horley; Dagenham and Barking; Newman’s Sluice; Upper Mole; and the infrastructure in and around Gatwick Airport. This announcement comes just one day after the Environment Agency declared its intention to enrol 130,000 Thames region homes automatically on its flood warnings service. The service is free of charge and alerts homeowners when there is a flood warning in their area. Alerts can be received by email, telephone, text message or fax.
Homeowners in other parts of the country who live in areas at risk of flooding from rivers or the sea may also be automatically registered. In this case, they will receive a letter from the Environment Agency informing them that they will receive a warning in the event of a flood.
If you are in the process of buying a property, it is important to consider the potential flood risk and the impact it could have on your ability to insure your home. For advice, contact us.
To sign up for Floodline Warnings Direct, visit this webpage:

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