Call for EU Data Protection Law Reform


Europe’s Data Protection Supervisor has called for lawmakers to update and improve the laws that protect people’s personal data or risk the current legislation becoming irrelevant. In a speech at the European Privacy and Data Protection Commissioners’ Conference, he said that Europe needs to be considering the high-volume information society of 2020 and beyond, in order to avoid jeopardising personal data in the future.
The suggestions made in his speech included better accountability for data controllers and greater power to enforce data protection rules. Technology should be developed with data protection in mind, such as Internet browsers built with a default setting that gives the maximum protection available under privacy law.
The statement follows a recent survey by the Business Software Alliance, which revealed that many Europeans are unsure about where their personal details are stored online and whose job it is to protect this information. Most of those questioned indicated that they would prefer an international or European-led approach to data protection, rather than individual countries creating their own policies on the issue.
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