Child Road Accident Victims Need Compensation to Last a Lifetime


Children injured in road accidents may be left with devastating disabilities and need enough compensation to last them throughout their lives. Personal injury lawyers focused on that objective in negotiating a seven-figure damages payout for a young woman who was a toddler when she was struck down by a passing car.

Now in her 20s, she sustained a traumatic brain injury in the accident and has since been prey to a range of cognitive and emotional difficulties. Thanks to the tremendous support of her family, she has achieved much, both academically and in the workplace. However, she remains highly vulnerable and is at particular risk from those who might seek to take financial advantage of her.

After proceedings were launched on her behalf, the motorist’s insurers accepted liability for the accident and agreed to settle her personal injury claim for a lump sum of £2.35 million. Due to her vulnerability, the money will be managed for her benefit by a professional deputy. The High Court had no hesitation in approving the settlement and agreed that £81,775 of the lump sum should be paid to her mother, who has shown utter commitment to her care.

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