Employers Oblivious to New Eye Test Obligations


New EU legislation expected to come into force in the UK in 2013 will require employers to ensure that commercial driving licence holders have their eyes tested every five years. However, a recent survey conducted by Specsavers revealed that 78 per cent of employers they questioned were unaware of these obligations.
The opticians have claimed that around one in three people who drive as part of their job may have poor vision. It is known that most people will experience some sight problems over the age of 40 -however, since the deterioration in vision may be very gradual, many people may not notice that their eyesight is not what it used to be. Under the new law, which is designed to reduce road traffic accidents, private licence holders will be required to have their eyes tested at ten to fifteen year intervals.
Under the Health and Safety (Display Screen Equipment) Regulations 1992, employees are entitled to request that their employer pay for an eye test when they first start working at a computer screen and at regular intervals thereafter. Drivers were specifically excluded from these Regulations, however.
Employers are being advised to put measures in place as soon as possible to ensure that they are fully compliant when the EU Directive becomes law in the UK.

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