Injured HGV Driver Wins Seven-Year Compensation Battle


Cases involving life-changing injuries can be very complex and arriving at a fair settlement can take time. However, it may be possible to secure interim payments while the case is ongoing. Recently, a seven-year legal battle culminated in substantial damages being achieved for an HGV driver who suffered life-changing injuries in a collision.

The man, who was originally from Romania, sustained catastrophic head and brain injuries when his vehicle was hit by another HGV. He was in a coma for three months, and his wife and child had to relocate to the UK in order to support him.

After a claim was commenced, interim payments of £1.5 million were secured. He was provided with a full support and therapy package, and a suitable home was found for him and his family.

A trial to determine the final amount of damages was due to take place when a settlement was reached. He will receive a lump sum of £5.2 million and annual payments of £200,000. The trial judge approved the settlement.

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