Love Conquers All – Disabled Boy Receives Seven-Figure NHS Compensation


Even in the teeth of adversity, love will not be conquered. The High Court made that observation in approving the multi-million-pound settlement of a seriously disabled boy’s clinical negligence claim.

The boy, aged nine, sustained a catastrophic hypoxic injury during his birth. He has no independent mobility and requires 24-hour care. An avid football fan, he brings great joy to his parents’ lives and takes particular pleasure in slapstick humour. He noisily expresses emotion and makes good use of eye-activated communication technology.

It was alleged that administration of a labour-inducing drug was mismanaged and that his delivery was negligently delayed. The NHS trust that runs the hospital where he was born denied liability but, after proceedings were launched on his behalf, it agreed to settle his claim for 55 per cent of its full value.

Following negotiations, a final settlement was agreed whereby he would receive a £2.85 million lump sum, together with annual, six-figure, index-linked payments to cover the costs of his care and case management for life. The Court observed that the outcome of the case was a testament to the professionalism, hard work and flexibility shown by lawyers on both sides.

Approving the settlement as being in the boy’s best interests, the Court noted that his mother had movingly described him as amazing and resilient. Both parents had been placed under enormous strain but their extraordinarily devoted care for their son was proof that love conquers all.

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