New Planning Directions


Under the Town and Country Planning (Consultation) (England) Direction 2009, which came into force on 20 April 2009, a Local Planning Authority is now required to refer the following applications to the Secretary of State:
  • Inappropriate development in the Green Belt involving buildings of 1,000m² or larger or any other development which would have a significant impact on the openness of the Green Belt by reason of its scale, nature or location;
  • Various types of development outside town centres, which are not in accordance with the Development Plan and involve a building of 5,000m² or larger (including any smaller extension which would bring the size up to that figure). The size limit includes any existing nearby developments that are substantially completed or plans for development submitted within the preceding five years;
  • Proposed development of playing field land of various sorts;
  • Major development in a flood risk area where the Environment Agency has objected; and
  • Proposed development on World Heritage Sites where there is an objection from English Heritage which has not been withdrawn.

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