One Meeting is One Too Many


A recent competition law case saw a group of Dutch telecoms companies fined heavily by the European Court of Justice for anti-competitive behaviour, following a meeting between them in 2005 at which the decision was taken to cut the payments they made to mobile phone dealers.
The decision confirmed that a single meeting between competitors to discuss market strategy is sufficient to constitute anti-competitive collaboration.
Competition law is tough and affects markets on a local as well as national level. Price and tender fixing are dangerous practices and the potential fines are severe. At present, the Office of Fair Trading is conducting a number of investigations into anti-competitive behaviour. A recent investigation into bid-rigging in the construction industry led to fines in excess of £100 million.
We can advise you on how to steer a safe path through the competition law minefield.
Partner Note
Global Competition Review, 5 June 2009.
The current case load of the OFT can be seen at
See also, OFT press release, 22 September 2009.

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