Planning Permission – Don’t Panic


Builders and homeowners who wish to delay the start of building projects in these troubled times can breathe more easily now that the time limits for extensions to planning permissions have been lengthened.
From 1 October 2009, an application to extend the life of a planning permission for up to three years can be requested, provided that the permission had not already lapsed as at 1 October 2009 and at the date of the application the development work has not yet commenced.
The new regime applies to listed building and conservation area consents as well as outline planning permissions and permissions relating to major developments.
A fee of £500 is payable for an extension application for a major development, £50 for householder developments and £170 for all other extension applications.
The decision to accept or reject the extension application will rest with the planning authority. Whilst new drawings etc. will not need to be supplied, there is no automatic right of extension.

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