Pothole Damage to Vehicles at Five-Year High


Many road users will be only too aware of the increase in the number of potholes and uneven surfaces on the UK’s roads. Figures released by the AA earlier this year indicate that two million incidents of damage to vehicles caused by potholes occurred in 2023, the highest for five years. The AA estimates that these incidents caused £474 million worth of damage.

The Asphalt Industry Alliance has also released its Annual Local Authority Road Maintenance report for 2024. The report covers the conditions and funding of the local road network and is based on submissions from local authorities. It concludes that addressing the backlog of road repairs in England and Wales will cost £16.3 million – the highest figure in 29 years of reporting.

In view of these findings, the risk of damage to vehicles resulting from potholes is likely to remain elevated for some time. To make a claim for pothole damage, it will be necessary to establish who is responsible for maintaining the road. For many roads this will be the local authority. In England, National Highways is normally responsible for motorways and major A-roads.

Further information on claiming compensation for damage to your vehicle can be found on the Government’s website.

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