Woman Wins Damages After Dentist Missed Gum Disease


A woman who needed specialist treatment after her dentist failed to spot signs of gum disease for a number of years has secured £40,000 in damages.

The woman had attended regular check-ups but her dentist gave her no indication that anything was seriously wrong. During this time, however, a gap was beginning to form between her front teeth. Four years after she last saw her dentist, who retired in 2014, she was referred to specialists. She was diagnosed with severe periodontal disease and referred for treatment for extreme bone loss.

As a result of the failure to diagnose her condition earlier, she lost several teeth and had huge gaps in her mouth. The change in her appearance affected her confidence and mental health, and she found it very distressing taking part in video calls for work during the pandemic.

After she sought legal advice, it was claimed that her condition should have been diagnosed and treated as long ago as 2001. The settlement was agreed even though her dentist did not admit liability.

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