LegalRSS Smartphone App

Instant legal news. Direct to your clients. From your firm’s app.


The same great content. Brand new app.

In a world of frantic communication, it’s even more vital to keep in touch with your clients.

We are all bombarded with so much news, email and general noise that key communications can get lost in the crowded landscape.

Our newsfeed app enables you to communicate directly and personally with your clients giving them the ability to select the news that they want to read.

Total control of a unique channel of communication

We will help you overcome the issue of the crowded inbox. The news that you choose will be automatically fed to our app and will deliver relevant news for your clients. LegalRSS can now offer you your own mobile app. We will create a bespoke design consistent with your firm’s branding and enable you to further showcase your capabilities.

A bespoke design consistent with your firm’s branding

Cutting through the noise of email inboxes and using your own branded app will help you communicate more effectively with your clients.

This is your firm’s dedicated app which will allow you to share your legal news and informed opinion with your clients, and enable them to personalise what information they receive from you. Your app is supported by our award-winning news content and brings a wide range of low cost, high value engagement tactics to your business development activities.

Direct, timely and relevant communication will enhance your relationships and demonstrate the added value you provide to clients. For a small monthly fee you can cultivate stronger client bonds, position your firm as a major thought leader and have a bespoke app available to bolster your firm’s business development success.


The app includes built-in analytics enabling you to see what your clients are most interested in. This supports more effective cross-selling.

For example, imagine you have a client who has been instructed by one of your family lawyers. You notice that on your app, this client has not only subscribed to the family law category but also your immigration law category. This could prompt you to directly or discretely market the fact that you also have a great lawyer who specialises in immigration law.

We use Firebase (Google Analytics for mobile apps) to help you define audiences, track usage and retention. This will assist with the nitty-gritty statistics involved in growing the audience of your mobile app.

You can then communicate directly via the app and highlight the importance of your message.

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