Why choose LegalRSS?

Win more clients & save marketing time and cost

Creating good content for your website or blogs takes a lot of time. It requires finding the right material, writing it in a reader-friendly way, checking facts, getting the style consistent and making sure you have a high-quality edit.

Administering content – loading material on your website, driving social networking, sending e-newsletters, linking material to the case references and legislation etc. – is also a lengthy process.

Social networking can also be very time-consuming. Not with LegalRSS! All content you post can be across your social networks through integration with Buffer or directly through LinkedIn, Twitter and Facebook.

This frees up the time of your marketing team. With the LegalRSS integrated and ultra-simple content management and marketing platform these processes are heavily automated. The time saved here allows them to do more valuable things.

These are just some of the features –call us to find out more.

In fact, we’d be delighted to manage the entire process for you – blogs, web content, e-newsletters (including segmentation), social media distribution – the lot.

Benefits – Why you should use us?

1. Automated social media marketing
You can set up and automate posts going out to your Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn pages. Minimize the time it takes to manage your social media accounts!

2. Regular high-quality content delivered automatically to your website
With our RSS feeds, you can set up content to automatically appear without having to sit down and go through the process of creating a post. Set up the feed once and it will continue to populate with new, up-to-date and relevant news articles.

3. Extensive library of articles and images
You’re welcome to browse previous articles and re-schedule them as you see fit. With LegalRSS you can add your own content to the system and use our extensive library of images to add a bit of interest to the text.

4. Create and send tailored e-newsletters – instantly
With LegalRSS you can make and send e-newsletters in minutes. Once your template is set up with your firm’s logo and you’ve imported your mailing list, it only takes seconds to populate the newsletter with LegalRSS articles.

5. Super-easy, super-fast to implement and use.
LegalRSS provides you with a supply of content and a means to distribute that content that is just not possible to replicate in-house without significant cost and time.

If you are interested in further information or would like to discuss our services, then visit our contact us page.